We use, we re-use, and then we destroy. Anything that has any importance to us doesn’t gain importance until it’s too late to realize it’s importance. Your probably thinking i’m writing in circles, but, it honestly makes perfect sense. Think about it. You have a car. You love this car. But since you have it, you bash it around, you beat it up, you break the law in this car, etc. But what happens when you lose the car, or when the car gets impounded? Then you realize the importance of it. You need it to get to work, to hang out with friends, to run errands, to do everything you possibly need to accomplish. But what did it take to realize that? It took something extremely drastic. There shouldn’t have to be a drastic action that takes place in order for us to stop taking things for granted. Then again, I am the hipocrite of the 21st century,today.

I took my life for granted;until I was hospitalized.

It was then I realized, how quickly life can be taken. Just as it can be given, it can be removed, and if by no force of god then disease or murder. But why should it have taken me a life threatening experience to realize that I have to change? I have no idea, although it did. Too much did i worry about making everyone else happy and before I knew it I was in a hospital bed waiting to die watching the last basketball game i’d probably ever watch. I saw my mom and dad in the room together for the first time in fifteen years, and that made my stomach drop. I knew something serious was going down if hatred became a temporary love for the son they share.

Even if it was fake.

It seems as if the wake up call I received from being in the hospital was shortlived — I was once again out doing shit I shouldn’t have been doing and for that reason I consider myself an asshole;though I did change the way I do some things; I still have plenty of changing to do. The only difference is now I cannot waste time. Time is indefinate – It doesn’t stop, it doesn’t pause for anybody — it only continues. Alas each minute we spend arguing, fighting, or being mad at someone, is another minute that we can only wish we had done something different; it doesn’t come back. We can’t go back in time. That time is gone, never to come back.

The moral of todays story kids?

Take advantage of what you have now. Don’t take everything for granted, even if you think you have that immortality gene. It’s not worth it. Take a look around you, then back at your computer. How many things are you actually grateful for? Make a list. The first thing should be that your alive and able to read information geared toward the other side of this countries people.


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