Insightful, Yes?

Well then. It seems that all over again i’m in a world of hate. Rightfully so, I guess, because if I didn’t live in a world of hate then i’d be dead, given the fact the planet earth is filled with hate indefinately. I have no circle of trust, only 2 people I can truly count on..myself and his shadow. But, distrust seems apparent when one is offended. that is to say if I, myself, were to go on someones myspace page and leave a comment, per se`, and my said “girl-friend” gets mad because of my actions, due to the fact that I feel as if a male on her page is a threat, then the only true belief is that the female, or said “girl-friend” is hiding something. My brain does not permit me to think in times like these for my anger takes control of my whole body, every action i commit, every thought process that follows soon thereafter. When do i become the bringer of pain because of words said that make my heart quiver with fear? When one person does not comply with my feelings. So goes it that my beliefs are true. But enough about what we may call “love” and stupidity within female actions and emotions. Immaturity can most likely be the cause for this impedance leading to lack of trust;now we must move on to more important issues.

Global warming, conspiracy, death, corruption, the truth behind jesus and his bloodline and the mass hysteria brought about by a man (Dan Brown) who discovered writings by another man and fed off of that mans hard work to gain money, and , oh, the twin towers. I think bush thought it was cute to make the date 9-11. So I don’t call it that.

Global warming? Who cares, really. No one. No matter the circumstances before us, we will always drive, always pollute, always burn coal, oil, and harmful gasses so long as it gets us what we need. What day will human beings understand that the enviornment is just as important as our ability to live in it? It’s an equilibrium, it balances itself out. Well, at least it should, but most of us could really care less about it. Which leads me to our next topic, death. Surely all of you know what it is, but don’t believe that it’s going to happen to you, ever. Most people have this feeling of some kind of immortality, some kind of feeling that they can never be harmed in such a way that there life is in danger. Surely, there is no such thing as a mystical fairy god who will always give you another chance at life, right? Humans implant thoughts within themselves and live off of these thoughts for the rest of their remaining lives. If one tells himself he’s going to be rich his whole life, he will dow hat he has to do in order to become rich, if even, stage an attack on two towers in order to ignite ignorant america and gain enough public backbone to begin a war in another country that has nothing to do with the “attacks on america”(i refuse to capitalize the name of this country).

But before we get to this man who displays almost god like powers across the globe, lets discuss this mass hysteria which we call the “Da Vinci Code”. It is speculated that Mary Magdellan was spouse to Jesus, who impregnated (supossedly) his wife and created a line of daughters who then also have children, passing down jesus’ bloodline down a line of Merovingian kings, etc. Who cares? The church does. Imagine if you found out that jesus was not indeed gods son, but written about in history by a council of scholar -like men, making him seem divine ( divine as to say he came from god ) with abilities previously unthinkable by man. What if, by chance, jesus was just a normal man who preached his gospels throughout and was feared by the romans? Surely this would throw history off of it’s self surgicaly implanted axis, if jesus was not the son of god, lord and saviour, creator of all that is created. The thought of a single god was proposturous to the romans, and others, but Jesus brought with him that belief. It’s all belief. All it ever will be is belief. There is no actual documented history of jesus. There’s no papyrus with his signature. Theres no pictograms like the egyptians. Theres no structures built for jesus. There is only myth.

Myth. Confusion. Denial. All of these words come to mind when i think of the twin towers being destroyed so selfishly by our own government. If heaven and hell do exist, then lucifer has taken form in the body of a man George Bush. My allegations have more than enough evidence to show that none of the arranged demolitions or missile shots were arranged that day, but who will believe me? No one. It is evident that certain people have certain beliefs (there is goes again) that they must hold true to in order to live life.

Ignorance is bliss”

A saying so perfect when it comes to a matter such as this.


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