A Gamers View of 2008

Many of us avid (and not so much) gamers have come to a point in the industry where we are confused. “Is it graphics” or “Is it quality of content” has become the two questions I have asked myself consistently over the past 2 years. I find myself playing games like Final Fantasy Tactics on the original PSX or a CPS-3 emulator instead of firing up the Xbox360 and playing even the first 10 minutes of Crackdown or Halo 3. Has the industry become a billion dollar race to see which company can produce the best graphical quality? Or is it just that we aren’t giving them enough credit for doing what they’ve done already? Who knows. But what I do know is that in 2008, i’m hoping all of that will change, and there’s a couple of games that I have my eyes set on. I’ve compiled a list of those games, and with great hope, these will bring back the gaming that I know of.

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