Frets on Fire: Xplorer Owners Dream

If you own an Xplorer controller (famous from the Guitar Hero series of games on the Xbox 360) then you should already know about Frets on Fire. If not, then you need to know. Frets on fire is an amazing port of Guitar Hero mechanics to the PC, and it does it well. With slight modification, you can have the hammer on pull off feature, rock meter, and everything else set up (like mine!). You are also able to import guitar hero songs from any game straight to your PC. Viva la Frets! If you’d like to download, please visit the original site and get going! I can’t tell you where to download GH3 songs bit torrent if you don’t have the game, but if you are reading this blog you more than likely know how to do this yourself. It’s okay — even if I can’t tell you about the songs, I can link to the good stuff.
Download from original site – [ Frets on Fire]
Guitar Hero 3 Mod – [ Here]
RF Mod (important!) – [ Forum Link]
If you’re not running vista, you’ll also need to download the Microsoft accessories drivers, which shouldn’t be anything more than a Google search ( i can’t spoon feed you everything,n00bs!). Actually, you can get it here.
I’m a nice guy, I know. I hope you enjoy the goodness, and if you really want “original”songs you can e-mail me at

One response to “Frets on Fire: Xplorer Owners Dream

  1. Nice article, I just purchased Guitar Hero 3 for the Xbox 360, knew about Frets on Fire, and was looking to get the guitar working on XP. Thanks for the link to the Microsoft Accessories drivers, I didn’t know official xbox drivers existed.

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