MacBook Air Attack

Macbook Air
The MacBook Air has caused an intentional industry buzz. For those of you who don’t know, the MBAir is a laptop that is as thin as the hair on my chin yet just as capable as my Dell Inspiron, not to mention much better looking. It also supports a gesture supportive touch pad, which will come in handy in only god knows how many ways. But Microsoft is attempting to strike back with an to their hardware, as usual. Ina Fried of has covered some of this information, and it is quite Interesting, to say the least.Read the blog here []Information:

3 responses to “MacBook Air Attack

  1. Just as capable? At least your Inspiron has an optical drive and more than one USB port.

    The gestures on the touch pad are nice, but I wonder how often they’ll be used. I almost always use a wireless mouse with my laptop, so I’d probably forget about the gestures pretty quickly.

  2. What you said is true, and yes, the gestures my become overdone soon, but the sheer fact that I can slip that laptop anywhere (basically) just hits me with a “wow” factor. I don’t make much use of my optical drive much anyway; i more than likely use a thumb drive, and on my laptop i never really need more than one USB port. And with the new Light Projector keyboards, space saving is becoming my new number one best friend.

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