Interesting detective work,to some

Being a photographer, anything that has to do with a shutter gives me the chills. That was until today, when I read about someone who tracked down a couple using photos on their camera for clues; shoot me now, he definitely wanted a TV spot.

Apparently this guy sat on a Canon digital camera (no more than $300 so don’t worry about it) and then embarked on a magical journey through Narnia (Manhattan).

The funny thing about this is that the photo reminds me of Beth and Rob from the movie “Cloverfield“.

I had a great day

He gets Kudos for doing this though, and if he did this out of kind, good natured heart and not drunken misjudgment of whom he really is, I give him 40 morale points. If i could digg his generosity, it’d be way up there.

More information: [ MSNBC.COM ]


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