Must See Movies of January

January has been generous to our eyes, as far as the silver screen goes. A couple of not even decent, but GOOD movies have been released. I’m going to list the ones I think are worth your movie theater prices, because like gas, it’s becoming precious as the minutes go by.

El Orfanato

The orphanage is one of those films where, much like Pans Labyrinth, you go in thinking “subtitles, spanish, and little children doing the unspeakable”. Many do not know that the orphanage was a theatrical masterpiece, combining compelling story elements, striking visuals, and intensity that has you gripping your chair throughout the movie. There’s an uneasy feeling of realism, and that can damage anyones psychological grip on ” tell yourself it isn’t real.”


You sit down, looking around at the amount of high school kids and college students around you. The movie comes on, and the weirdest selection of music you have ever heard in your life fills your ears. Then you can’t help but laugh for the entire length of this film as it unfolds. Juno is one of those surprise indie type films that you hope for, but are overshadowed by Rob Zombie remakes. It’s an A+ film, with plenty of comedy, real life, and not to mention Ellen Page’s amazing acting. It all ties in together to make an awesome film that you are sure to love, no matter what your age.


This movie does the Impossible: Survival horror, severe intensity, first person perspective via sony handycam, mini love story, bits of comic relief, and did I mention an overwhelming sense of intensity? In all honesty, Cloverfield has to be the first movie i’ve watched where everyone in the theater was silent the entire time, and shocked until the end. The perspective and realism in itself will scare the pants off of you, making you check shortly there after to make sure Manhattan is fine. I can’t give away much, but i’ll tell you this: you will see hundreds of Cloverfield clones in the future. Not to mention the sneak peak of the Starship Enterprise!

To wrap this up, those are the three most stand-out movies for me. There are others like The Bucket List, Teeth, P.S. I love you and others, but I guarantee that you will spend well worth your money with the three aforementioned movies above.


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