Our lovely Mac OS,but it’s windows!

Lets face it (fanboys, form the microsoft version of Voltron and attack now!) Mac OS X is the most beautifully created operating system to grace the LCD’s of this planet. Vista tried to come back with a hard hit, but with each home run came another 50 strikeouts. So you’re tired you say, and you want to make your XP PC look like my desktop?

Well have no fear. Here’s an easy way to get started on your way to OSX shinyness!

  • First, download FlyakiteOSX (severely RECOMMENDED! ).

Then, I’ve compiled a RAR file (you’ll need Winrar) that will put you on your way to great looks.

  • It’s located here [ pretty hefty130mB file size!,recommend you use DownloadHelper plug-in for firefox! ] – get it and use it wisely; the readme’s are included in the zip files themselves. If you are computer saavy, then this will be a snap for you.
    • Here’s a list of the stuff included in the file:
    • 1400 Tiger PNG’s (can be used in RKlauncher, or converted to Ico format)
    • Aqua Blue New Icons
    • Nintendo Wii Iconset
    • Apple Live Messenger Skin(requires windows live messenger 8.5)
    • Ileopard Icons Pack SE
    • Leftsider (changes all buttons too left side- hot!)
    • Leopard 3.0 Style (Great look)
    • Leopard Mods on XP (alternative to flyakite, but i’d stick with flyakite anyway )
    • Mac OSX Leopard Wallpapers (speaks for itself)
    • Mightybox (quicksilver type program, in alpha stages)
    • Overview
    • Quicktime vs Itunes2 skin for Windows Media Player
    • Safari 3_0_4 mods ( makes windows safari like OSX safari)
    • Itunes
    • Rklauncher (dock at bottom of the screen, leopard inspired version -hot!)
    • TransBar (make taskbar transparent, leopard style -hot, free!)
  • If you’re going to be using the leopard RKlauncher, you can disable the Flyakite version or use it for various other shortcuts (I use it as a shortcut sidebar)
  • You’ll need a patched UXtheme.dll, but flyakite installs it as it is.
  • This is for Windows XP only! You can install on vista but it will turn out phugly. A nice Vista Alternative is shown on this website here: http://www.khmeros.info/drupal/?q=en/node/2525. Props to the Detective’s blog for the info I didn’t feel like typing out myself, lol.
  • Most of the files come with read me’s. If you need help, see below.
  • To install leopard theme (assuming you’ve installed flyakiteOSX)
    • Open it up
    • Paste the contents into %systemroot%\windows\resources\themes
    • right click an open space on the desktop, click properties, appearance tab, and select it (might say windows classic). To spice it up, open up transbar and set the transparency for a good look.
  • If you need help, you can always e-mail me @ chadhughes8706@mac.com. My laptop and one of my desktops are both tricked out for OSX, and they work pretty well! Some may say they even run faster, but that’s up to you to decide.
  • If you have any software packaging requests or tutorials needed, e-mail me or comment as well.

*note* For Ichat, or at least the wannabe, download Trillian and look for Danimator’s Ichat skin.

Some other recommendations:

Once again: If you need help, comment or e-mail chadhughes8706@hotmail.com, i’ll respond to you lightning fast!


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