Smartphone patent is outrageous, says the entire world

Over at, I read today that the government granted a mollywhopper of a patent that is allowing..well..this. And I quote the boys of engadget when i say:

[ What would you do if the US patent office gave you the go-ahead on a far-reaching, non-specific application filed for a “mobile entertainment and communication device”? If your answer was that you would immediately draw up lawsuits against almost every major electronics manufacturer that even looked at a smartphone funny, you get a cookie. Yes folks, as impossible as it is to believe, the holders of the aforementioned patent have just sued Apple, Nokia, RIM, Sprint, AT&T, HP, Motorola, Helio, HTC, Sony Ericsson, UTStarcomm, and Samsung… amongst others. ]

If you read on, you’ll be fully disturbed when you understand that they filed the papers a day before the patent was even granted. How hasty of you. I’m telling you, lawyers with psychic abilities to see the future are the next genetic modification. I for one own a Motorola Q, and these guys are messing with my Windoze mobile 6. Sign my petition to get them to stop!

I’m just kidding, there is no petition, I’m just being an ass about the situation, because it’s insanely American of them to do something like this.

I’m just a little befuddled when it comes to the industry. You already have so much money, you already have so many other things you can possibly do with your time, but instead you’d jump at the opportunity to sue every company that matters? Please, and they call me a greedy insensitive money driven ass. Just look at these guys!

I am disappointed, but then again it’s our economy, it’s our nature, and it’s American.

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3 responses to “Smartphone patent is outrageous, says the entire world

  1. As a nation, we have problems people care more about than this.Even if we get a few good presidents,it’ll be many years before anyone puts a stop to $h!7 like this going on that screws with everyone.

    P.S.If anyone puts a pattent on the entire pc, it’ll be apple,or as I like to call them, the zombie masters(their products make people hunger for flesh).

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