Radeon HD 3870 x2:FINALLY, we’re back in the game!

It seems that the AMD ATI crew has been sitting at the office packing their boxes to create office space for Intel and Nvidia to take over. Little did they know, the Radeon HD 3870 came out the box and brought them back! Engadget.com has the benchmark oon their main page, and it looks to be taking crysis hostage at a decent resolution! Go ATI! I’ll be picking one up to review it myself. Fanboys: rejoice! Want some specs? Here’s some for you to feast on:
MD Radeon HD 3870 X2 Specifications:

  • Core Clock: 825MHz
  • Memory Clock:1800MHz
  • Memory Type: GDDR3
  • Memory interface: 256Bit (x2)
  • Memory capacity: 1024MB
  • Manufacture Process: 55nm
  • Transistor Count: ~1333 Million
  • Math Processing Rate: 994 GFLOPS
  • Shaders: 640
  • Standard Shader Model: 4.1 (Vista Only)
  • Standard DirectX Version: 10.1 (Vista Only)
  • 128-Bit HDR Lighting
  • 8192×8192 HR Textures
  • Interface: PCIe 2.0

Usually I seperate the post, but this got me so excited it deserves to be on the front page! Now hopefully they can actually release a proccesor worthy of mentioning. >_<


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