Server Changing, Themes, and other important updates

This post is to let you know that we are setting up a blog, meaning a domain name and new hosting. It’s going to take a minute, as we don’t want it to be just a throw together – great design and great features. 

  • A big part of those features is the ability to choose which type of theme you want, which is great.
  • Another feature is a smartphone compatible custom RSS feed (yummy!). As we get more staff, we’d like to also have constant updates so If  you’d like to become an author, let me know! 
  • Also, feedback is a must! The blog has a lot of hits, and I thank everyone that visits and networks. So let us know who you are! Being clueless is not fun ;-).  
  • Either way, we’ve hit the 500 hit mark for less than  a week with 3 days downtime, so I think that’s great! Just started and getting decent traffic. it’s been over 300 hits this weekend alone! Thanks for the support, and I hope you continue to enjoy this blog!

-Chad Hughes


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