Windows 7: What it is and why you shouldn’t get worked up.

As far as i’m concerned, Windows 7 is going to be retarded. Mac OS 10, Windows 7. Macs have gorgeous GUI’s, Windows GUI’s get close, then fail. As far as I’m concerned, no one cares as much as when Vista, Longhorn, Operation leak our OS, whatever it’s called was released, as Vista was such a flop. Not that it didn’t have it’s strong points, but…it SURE as hell had horrid weaknesses. So, back to the picture…

Everyone can stop talking about Windows 7. It’s like a virus fix for the Trojan we call Vista.

I can’t say I mind that, but…I’ll stick with XP until you give me an amazing reason to switch to any other Windows based OS.

Hello ubuntu fans! (Insert open source joke ).

But lets get with the picture. Microsoft has been in the game for years, and has had a long time running. What I thought to be one of the best OS’s they have created (windows 2000) was overshadowed by xp, for many. Vista to me is WindowsME all over again: It comes out, people think it is amazing until the underlying issues hit the surface, and then it is quickly forgotten by the distribution of a new OS within the next year. This may seem like a cover up tactic for Microsoft’s mistakes, but in all honesty I can’t say I’m much impressed by anything that has been released in the latter years anyway.

Windows 7 is supposed to be the next big operating system from Microsoft. Though I see potential with every release, it’s as if they polish the surface, say “ok lets release it” and then give you a service pack to fix all of the issues they didn’t care to address–which wouldn’t be bad if the service packs didn’t take a year to be released.

So my gripe with Windows is not GUI based, it’s not about the lack of features, or even the so-so security tactics. It’s the lack of attention to detail and development of lazy filler OS’s that don’t have a significant impact on people like myself.

Oh, and one more thing:

” Not every one is going to spend 3000 to make Vista stable enough to play Crysis , Gates. “


3 responses to “Windows 7: What it is and why you shouldn’t get worked up.

  1. I couldn’t agree more. Although, personally I’m all for Ubuntu,but if you’re going to pay for an OS. Then, it might as well be a good, stable one!

  2. On one hand, I see your point. On the other, yours is the only Windows 7 article/blog I’ve clicked on and read, so if anything, it might be you who needs to set the example and ever mention it again.

    On another topic, I can’t believe just how many people are migrating toward, or at least praising Ubuntu. They’ve been saying for years that 200x is going to be the year of Linux on the desktop. This may just be that year.

  3. It seems like the Ubuntu fans might just have the prediction come true. I’m all for anything that’s stable, and this may be it. Being an industry standard operating system doesn’t necessarily mean you’re running a good operating system; it just means you’ve had either the first influence or enough money to get you to that point.

    Maybe I should be the one to not mention Windows 7, but I can’t stand the amount of hype around it. They run from site to site to find out information, but in all seriousness: I’d rather Microsoft spend some time fixing bugs and taking a while to correct past mistakes,rather than dumping a video memory hogging OS.

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