AMD projects 16 core proccessor

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AMD is preparing an all-new PC processor with up to 16 execution cores. Due out in the first half of 2009, the new architecture is codenamed Bulldozer. In an official announcement, AMD said Bulldozer will be its first substantially new CPU core since the original Athlon 64 processor of 2003. And it’ll be the first ground up architectural redesign since the K7 Athlon of 1999.

In that context, it’s likely the Bulldozer architecture will provide the foundations of AMD CPUs for many years to come. In other words, the architecture is rather important. The news is the latest in a flurry of announcements from AMD’s PR machine in the past week. AMD has already revealed plans for a second-gen quad-core processor known as Shanghai and demoed its upcoming Phenom quad-core desktop chip running at 3GHz.”

Do I believe AMD? Yes. Why? Only because they need this to keep up in the runnings. With intel’s recent take-over in the processor category,what the hell is AMD to do? What do you think? Personally, I think AMD has a chance. The only issue is that this processor would most likely benefit server side technologies, not so much the common consumer. What are the odds that a game i’m running will be able to utilize all of these cores? Slim to none. Maybe a program like photoshop can be made to run more efficiently, but other than that, I have no idea of practical uses for this core. I’ve been a long time fan of AMD, and I really love the enthusiasm and low prices they release the products with. But when does it come to the point where they really need to buckle down and create something that will change the industry? I think that is now.

Even with the announcement of this ridiculously core’d proc, I don’t know that it will actually be released. Hopefully AMD will send me a test rig, but if not, all we can do is hope for the best. Let me reiterate¬† that AMD is NOT in the best position to make far fetched moves — and that’s a fact. I love them to death, but they have been slacking. Even with release of the new GPU it’s not enough for me to say ” I should buy an AMD rig”.

So maybe they are coming back, maybe not. Tell me what you, the reader thinks. I’m sure you have valuable input when It comes to a situation such as this. What the hell do you need 16 cores for? Who’s going to write instructions for that many cpu cores? Get gritty and be realistic.

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8 responses to “AMD projects 16 core proccessor

  1. It will own in games if its true that amd has found away to make multiple cores focus on a single thread. Think about it if most of the hype around this chip is true then amd is going to shake the cpu world up. Everyone was so sure amd would never catch nvidia but look at them now nvidia got hit up side the head with radeon 9870 x2 and they are still in shock in fact the fastest nvidia card is almost 30% slower than the 9870 x2. All i have to say is intel better watch out or they going to catch a strong right hook across the jaw just like nvidia did.

  2. This processor would be good for a program I use at school. CATIA is a 3D designing program we use to design parts for pretty much anything, and rendering an image of your product uses ALL of your CPU’s Cores at 100%, if 16 cores, even if they ae only 1 GHz, were used for a render will produce a the render in a few minutes rather than a few hours!

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