Black on Black crimes – Xbox 360 elite vs playstation 3…which should you buy?

Now i know everyone has heard about this so much…but i must give my opinion on this matter because the topic came up recently in a conversation at my friends house. Now, i am not a fanboy or anything when it comes to video game consoles. i have an xbox 360 and i love it. The only reason i don’t have a ps3 is because of the current price tag. I mean buying one console will burn a hole in your pocket and if you live on your own, like me, then you simply just can’t afford to pay for two expensive consoles. So if you’re not a fanboy, you are stuck in the situation of contemplating which one to spend that hard earned cash on. Well here is where i offer my opinion up. I believe the xbox 360 is more worth buying then the playstaion 3.

Now, i am not saying this because i have one. I was one of the original Sony fans from back in 1996 when the system debuted, playing such great games as Crash Bandincoot and Resident Evil. Oh and shall i not forget to mention the almighty Metal Gear Solid. But for the current point in time, PS3 isn’t the system. If you look at the specs, PS3 is obviously the winner in most of the categories. I mean off the bat they give you the opportunity to watch high def movies without having to go to the store and buy an attachment for an extra 200 dollars. And up until the Elite debuted, they had a helluva lot more hard drive space and 1080p through an hdmi port. But since the elite came out, now you can do the same with the 360 (minus the built in high def drive). Not to mention its cheaper (449.99 to sonys 499.99).

So Now, you might be saying to yourself “Well what about reliability?”. Now it’s true, there have been more ring of deaths on the 360 then in hell itself. And I believe a big reason for that is because i feel Microsoft rushed the xbox out so that it could get a year head start on the ps3. And since Sony took there time to make such a beautiful powerhouse, none of their systems have had a meltdown in front of any poor childs eyes. Now I haven’t heard of any of the newer 360’s having this problem, But last time i checked, i believe Microsoft extended the warrenty on the 360. And if you’re willing to wait the month, they will supply you with a new one, plus one month free on Xbox Live. Now with that said, you may be wondering about the graphics. The graphics on the PS3 are better than the Xbox, but it is only noticeable on a high def television and not by much. Now that is just my opinion, but I’ve had many people agree with me.

The only thing that really bothers me about the 360 is it sounds like a motorboat trying to speed through the arctic ocean. I give Sony kudos for making such a powerful machine so quiet. Now with everything being said, i believe that the PS3 will be a great system to PLAY GAMES on i the future, but right now its really only a really expensive DVD player. According to and Midway Rep. David F. Zucker, it is apparently not an easy thing to make a game for the PS3. “We ran into some technical issues developing for the PlayStation 3 that have taken more time to finalize than we expected”. When companies find a way to code games easier on this system, more developers will turn toward them. But by the time that PS3 comes out with a landmark game for its system, the 360 will have had 4 or 5 landmark games on it already (assuming Metal Gear Solid actually really does come out in the 2nd quarter).

So in conclusion, if you’re looking for a great media system to also play games on, i believe the Xbox 360 is the better choice…for now.

Until my next post, legendami.


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