Updates a’comin, home skillets

I know the posts haven’t been as influential…as…technologicaly surprising…not even a hair close to “oh i’d read about that”…

But that’s about to change, and here’s why:

I have school and other obligations as well as a full-time girlfriend (insert shackle joke here) so it’s hard for me to sit down after a long day and say to myself ” TIME TO BLOG”! (which is another reason I need more authors). But with the recent acquisition of around 2,000 page views in a week and half, I think it’s time  I upgraded myself. My plan is this:

  • Since Tuesday and Thursday my classes start at one, I can coffee and post around 1:00am EST time then sleep, coffee and wake up 8:00am EST and blog blog blog, then prepare for class, leaving you with amazing content.
  • I promise to quest and find more authors, I swear.
  • You can expect more download packs, more hardware secrets, more reviews, and more hands-on experiences.

Just because I am the Uber Geek doesn’t mean that I don’t have a life! heh. But i appreciate everyone who has touched this blog and I hope that this is the start of something big.


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