How I Game Contest – Win a Beefy Video Card

This contest is sure to make gamers bang heads. The winner of this contest will receive a mystery video card ( either 8800 or 3870..but we will keep that a secret until the semi-finals). Just know, whichever one we pick, you will be able to eat Crysis alive.

To enter, it’s simple:

  • Create a video, write a paragraph, or draw a picture depicting what gaming is to YOU. You think it’s repeatedly destroying locusts in gears of war? Let us know how you get down!
  • Link to your media by leaving the link in a comment or sending it to
  • Tell us your name, and don’t forget a method of contact! E-mail is best.

That’s it. You don’t even need to buy anything: Just be yourself. Let us know what you think gaming is about, and how you go about doing it? From face paint to energy drinks, do it and do it with style!

This will have 3 rounds, and the video card will be revealed during the semi-finals. All of the video submissions will be reviewed and must meet a minimum requirement of 60 seconds.

All written submissions must be 300 words or more.

Remember, have fun with it: This contest will prove useful for your PC!! 


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