GTA IV Week, SFIV, and Lost Odyssey


Omneity is hitting off this week with the celebration of GTA IV. No, it’s not being released just yet; but I pledge to bring you every bit of information on your game to keep your feet in the sand until the beach opens. MAKE SURE that you visit here frequently and check the GTA IV WEEK updates page for news and updates.

I’ve also got some fresh Street Fighter 4 information for you, and evidence that Lost Odyssey might be just that! (oh noes says Final Fantasy fan boys).

This news about Street Fighter 4 was quoted from gamespot:

—> “If the name alone didn’t already whet your nostalgic whistle, consider this: Capcom has announced that the entire lineup of fighters from Street Fighter II–including Chun Li, Zangief, E. Honda, Blanka, and Guile–will appear in Street Fighter IV. To find out more, we went straight to the game’s producer, Yoshinori Ono, and Capcom’s director of communications, Chris Kramer. “

They did a snazzy little Q&A with the two aforementioned contributors. To read it, put your mouse here and click.


While bored as hell (as that is the only reason I would watch X play besides Morgan Webb) I discovered that Xplay gave lost odyssey 3 out of 5! I haven’t played it yet, so I can’t be much of a judge; but they said the gameplay mechanics are 20 years old. Should I agree? They are, but that strategy and elimination of mindless button mashing is what makes Role Playing Games RPG’s! That’s why the last Final Fantasy entry sucked. Google the show and tell me what you think.

In other news:

We already knew Turok was going to suck.


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