Hell Uv Ah Lot of Uh News

I have subconsciously been veering away from Gamespot for some reason, and now I know why. Jeff Gerstmann was “apparently” fired or “let go” for giving Kane and Lynch: Shitpile a 6.0. This is old news, but I’m bringing it back. According to numerous little nosey sources, there was a lot of commotion because of the ad campaign Eidos had with Gamespot. Well look here, Gamespot; first of all your reviews suck now. If a toddler can understand it, it’s an 8.0. We can’t go by what you say anymore, because you’ll say

  • The Good: Fast Paced hack and slash action
  • The Bad: Action is too fast paced hack and slash

What the hell is going on? As if that weren’t enough, I have more blistering news for you. In later posts though. For now if you want to check out Jeff’s blog, go to http://blog.jeffgerstmann.net/ because the mother fucker is still alive. Sure I’ve wanted to kill him for some reviews (one being twilight princess)… but you have to think about it…sometimes he actually just plain old makes Sense.


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