GTA IV Wallpapers


In appreciation of GTA IV week, Omneity would like to see some snazzy wallpapers to boost the morale. I’ll try to cycle them on the main page as often as possible. If you’re interested, submit the wallpaper to For future reference you can send anything you’d like that relates to gaming, technology, or just straight up news to that E-mail address.

A few small guidelines:

  • Send your name
  • A short, tiny description
  • Name your wallpaper
  • Place Omneity Wallpaper Submission in the Subject field

Happy clickin’.


4 responses to “GTA IV Wallpapers

  1. i love this game but runescape it better im a runescape trainer and if u want me to train ur file just give me ur password and username and ill get to u as
    soon as i can my e-mail is claudedormevil@ymail.comand if u give me a file u might get one of my member files in a radom drawings no time limits anytime tell all of ur runescappe friends to

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