Kratos Code Contest

You want the kratos costume for LBP? Leave a comment explaining why kratos has anything to do with LBP. Make it humorous, and the winner will be picked tommorow!


8 responses to “Kratos Code Contest

  1. Kratos was LITTLE but became a BIG god of the PLANETs. Also, the God of Wars were badass and LBP will be too!

  2. Kratos is in the game because he needed some vacation from all the killing and evil (or maybe good?) things he does.

    So thats why he is in LBP, having some fun with his friends instead of the other things he do..

  3. Kratos has anything to do with little big planet for a few reasons. First, he has the hots for Nariko, and ever since she went into little big planet, kratos just had to follow her. Second, kratos is of course, a god, and after realizing the potential and richness of little big planet, he just had to have it. And so, he uses his wrath to win levels, and take control of the planet, but this was harder than he thought, as there were almost an infinite amount of levels. So, kratos decided that he could not beat them all alone, and now acts likes a normal sackperson, so that he can play through levels with a team, and make it easier for him to take control of the planet. Third, he really needed a tan, because it was alwys cloudy and dark where he came from. Now he gets a chance to lie back in the sun, and get a nice even tan. Also, in little big planet, he cancreate whatever he wants. He needs a few new evil machines, tools, and weapons, and those are just what hes making (and hes goofing off a little). Lastly, he needed some freinds. On his planet, he would have to kill practically every person he came face to face with. Being a god of war is not easy on the mind, and he needed a mental boost. These are the reasons why he came to little big planet. My email is .

  4. WOW. Shaan really went all out with his explanation. I think he’s is going to win. I already got my code to download Kratos by reserving the game at GameStop.

  5. Kratos is in lbp because he went and sliced up the security at media molecule and said gimme a game bitches! and he started crying like a sissy and then they sent him to a helper… The next day he ended up on the little big planet… and he is still in there today… Being called out by a special code… and he attempt to destory the sackboy universe!

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