Little Big Planet Beta Key Give Away!!!

I have one, sole, itsy bitsy beta key to give away. And if you want it, you can have it! Under some circumstances. All you have to do is post a comment saying why you want little big planet (how crazed you are, level design, etc.). I’m going to pick one and whomever that may be, you shall receive a beta key! Be sure to include your e-mail address.  Runner up will recieve a kratos key !

EDIT: Please, please, post your e-mails! I’m so very close to making a decision. You will receive your beta key via e-mail! and the runner up will receive the Kratos costume! (yum). Make sure to tell your friends to visit the blog, the more people you refer, the better chance you have of getting looked at!

Oh, and don’t try to cheat, I can see all of your IP addy’s. :p


69 responses to “Little Big Planet Beta Key Give Away!!!

  1. Hello!

    I been hunting a key for the past 3 weeks whit my friends and no one of us have get a key.

    So it would be realy nice to be the first of me and my friends to get the key so i can shine i little bit for them 😉

    Thanks and have a nice evening.

  2. I have entered quite possibly every contest and email send in to receive a coveted beta key…I’m like the runt in a litter pigs that can’t get to his mother’s milk! Please you’re my last chance… don’t let me down… 🙂

  3. Awesome! Well at the moment Im working hard to become a concept designer. I guess Ive always had a love for drawing, designing and creating stuff. When I look at Little Big Planet all I see are possibilities, possibilities to create cool levels with fun and entertaining gameplay. The first level I would make is probably a recreation of the omaha beach landing. I think it would be fun to run around as Sackboy jumping over obsticals and dodging explosions.
    Thanks in advance!

  4. My wife and I met playing video games together and we really bond when we do. We’ve been through some rough times and i think we need to bond again.

  5. I would love to get my hands on a key! i’ve been tryign all week! My mom has always loved platformers, but her MS and our nintendo is dead. I think it would be great to sit down with my parents and work on levels and give my mom something fun to do!

  6. I want it so badly, I enterred so many stuff for that beta and all my friends got one now accept me 😦
    and when the game launches I will go on a vacation for a week , thats why I want it so much I want to play with my friends

  7. Because my name is spelled the best out of the erik(c)s. I told my buddy about the 1up contests and he got it the first day while I entered everyday with no luck. I havnt even won from one of the many other sites 😦 Ive played it on his ps3 and its fing awesome. Even if I only get the kratos costume i would be totally psyched!!

  8. I am a video game store manager and would love to finally be able to put this game into my customers hands since i have been talking their ears off about it for months.this beta would give me the oppurtunity to show the parents a amazingly fun family friendly game this is, then the kids could take it and make the most horrifying levels imaginable LOL. seriously though i hope you can see that giving it to me would be giving it to a lot of people who didn’t even know the beta’s were out there to be had. THanks

  9. I have tried since day one to get a beta key. Tried every website, never got the key. The days are ticking down to the end of the beta, and I’ve got so many ideas I want to try. My “magnum opus” of these so far is a level I’m going to call The LittleBigLebowski, which will clearly be bowling-themed. I’ve seen so much footage, and I want to just get a taste before the game comes out. If I were to win the key from you, I would be very grateful.

  10. i hope i get one i really want this beta , it looks so cool and all my friends got one but i don’t 😦

  11. My LittleBigPlanet journey started way back at GDC 2007 where they were showing a demostration of LittleBigPlanet. Straight i was hooked!! I was amazed of all the things you could create in just one level. my imagination went wild with tons of level ideas. Another thing that made LittleBigPlanet stand out for me as a must buy was the online community. Im looking forward to meeting new freinds and having a great time online while playing and creating levels. i would love to win a beta key and i think i explained.
    cheers 🙂

  12. Twas a dark and stormy night, repeatedly one man tried again and again to achieve his dream of attaining an LBP beta key but to no avail, so in despair he resigned himself to posting on giveaway competitions in the hopes that his lifelong aspiration might come true.

    now if some retarded psuedo-narrative won’t help me get a beta key I don’t know what will…

  13. My LittleBigPlanet journey started way back at GDC 2007 where they were showing a demostration of LittleBigPlanet. Straight i was hooked!! I was amazed of all the things you could create in just one level. my imagination went wild with tons of level ideas. Another thing that made LittleBigPlanet stand out for me as a must buy was the online community. Im looking forward to meeting new freinds and having a great time online while playing and creating levels. i would love to win a beta key and i think i explained.

    sorry forgot to add my email

  14. Hi!
    I have been trying to get a beta code for forever.
    Ive entered tons of giveaways but with no luck. I really would like to play the beta with my friend. He just been in a car crash and he broke a leg. All i want is to take my ps3 to the hospital and play and creat LBP stuff with my friend. I think that would really cheer him up.

  15. Wow! You can’t describe in words how much I want this game. I’m a sixth year student at high school, and that means LOADS of work. To be able to come home and just forget about all that for a while, put my feet up, and create to my hearts extent would be a God send! Really. I have sooo many ideas, how about the roman coloseum, the amazon rainforest, or the star wars death star! I can’t wait to play this game, it will take a huge weight off my shoulders every time i delve into its wonderfull little world. Please, can you help me? 🙂

  16. Please…I beg of you. I really want this key! Im interested in it for a lot of reasons. For starters, I am an avide art lover and love to be as creative as possible. If I am allowed to have a beta key, I promise I will do my best to create the most attractive levels I can. Plus, I have an entire week off, which means I can spend as much time with the Beta as possible in the short time I will have with it. And like everyone else, I have been shot down too many times. Every single time I entered for a Beta, I was forgoten.

    So please, begging on my very soul, my I have a key? You won’t be sorry!


  17. Hey, ive tried 6 sites all with 3 4 days contests no 1 has been willing to give me the Beta i LOVE this game and have been Sad litterally for this game i need it i have 4 friends tht joined me in this contest we were on forums thru 1 up like a gang and they 1 but not me so plzzzz can i have this ill WILL Worship u forever Sincerly Ur Friend

  18. LET ME START WITH PLEASE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!.

    I’ve been parts of a few beta’s but none have alluded me so much as this closed beta. Every time there has been a beta give away I was a moment to late just about everytime. I just this once to not be to late. I wanna put so much into this game it isn’t even funny. The game is still 16 days away and i’m pulling my hair out to bare the pain. That people that aren’t me are out there playing LBP for weeks before I can even touch it. I really really really want to be a part of this and really get a chance to see what I can bring to the experience with the level creator. This game just seems so magical and to not be a part of the experience early to enjoy that with a small but dedicated group of people just shortly before it goes public would be just phenomenal.

    Thanks for the chance guys. I really really apprieciate the chance to play in the LBP Beta. Thanks so much. 😀

  19. I have 2 yr old twin girls that, because of me, are always wanting to play games. I would love to have a beta key to design a simple level that I can use to help my girls get into the hobby that I have so much passion for. It wouldn’t hurt to get my wife involved either, hehehe.

  20. Please, i really want this key. For the entire year, as a muslim, i have been praying to get this game, and its beta. I have been crying, everyweek that idont get the beta, it may not seem like it, but this game means a lot to me. I feel empty and hollow when my cousin told me that he got it yesterday, just to rub it in my face. All three of my little brothers are dying to play, and they all got grounded yesterday for arguing with my parents saying that its my moms fault they didnt get a beta key. i know it sounds really bad and cheesy, but please allow me to have the beta key, it will bring my family back together. Not to mention that i have watched every single little big planaet video i could find at least two times, after tracking this game for almost 1 and a half years now, and vist the media molecule site, and little big planet blog every day after i come home in an effort to find a beta key. I have been involved in contests, just when sites have crashed, and this is my last chance, please let me have a beta key. I dream of it, and have had nightmares about the beta key. Between homework, i long to play it, even if just for a moment. Thankyou, my email is

  21. Im such a girly girl and it will take me up until release day to make my little sack girl beautiful ~*^_^*~
    One of the first levels I make will be “All things nice – Sugar and Spice” A level with sweeties, chocolate swirls and delicious cakes! Watch out for the gingerbread sack boys!
    Haha, I just love how creative Little Big Planet is and if I get the key it will not goto waste ❤

  22. I’m posting again on behalf of your edit. If you are wanting more people to check out your blog there is no better way than to pick me and have it in the hands of a store manager who can tell every single family who tries it out exactly where he got the beta and how much they need to check you out. i don’t have any friends in the beta so this is my only chance to get this out there. Thanks again in advance.

  23. The first level I would make would be a transformers style level with large animated Optimus Prime and Megatron creations fighting it out, while the sackboys/girls would have to jump across the robots arms to make it through the early parts of the level. After that they would traverse obstacles made of wrecked cars and fires with a city background. The end would have more transformers fighting with lots of bubbles for them to collect again the bubbles being attached to the robots. This would obviously be a little more fleshed out but I think that should give a pretty good idea of what the level should have.

    Thankyou for your time 🙂

  24. My idea would be for “Sack and the city”

    Using a New York backdrop or city one anyway, your sackgirl or sackboy (in drag) would have to navigate a level full of obstacles to reach their date at the end of the level. The level would have lots of areas that need teamwork to reach hidden bubbles throughout the level.

    Thx for the oppurtunity

  25. i want the beta key because i am the only one out of all my friends that doesn’t have one. i’ve been very sad because of this.i’ve asked and went to other sites for the chance to get one but i failed. i know my chances aren’t that great here but i’m hoping that i might be the winner. i would be very thankful.

  26. I am so desperate at this point. I would very much love to get in. I been late for work all week trying to get in. Going to bed like 6am in the morning every night. I want to try it out so badly. I want to create all kinds of levels from retro game remakes to new and intelligently made levels. I have a degree in Multi-Media so I already have an creative mind. I can assure you that my levels will be nothing short of remarkable. I am also going back to school for game design so this will be a great way to help my creativeness. Please consider me as your lucky winner, I been trying so hard to get in I feel pretty bummed out. this will be like my 7th time losing out on my chance.

  27. You have just saved Sack Girl from Little Big Planet’s hugest prison. Right when you think everything is safe the whole place starts to rumble! You both have to escape the prison before its too late! There is a bunch of traps and huge lava pits everywhere throughout the whole prison and the only way you can both get out of there alive is by teamwork. Both Sack Boy and Sack Girl will have to run and dodge huge falling boulders and use ropes hanging from the ceiling to traverse across the lava pits. Once your finally across you’ll encounter this room filled with bubbles! You both will have to use jetpacks and fly around the whole room and collect all of them before the time runs out or you’ll have to start over. Then after your done a huge door will open to the final room. You’ll encounter two horses and a big slope with a ramp at the end to the finish. Both Sack Boy and Sack Girl will get on the horses and ride them all the way down the slope while avoiding falling boulders at the same time. You’ll then hit ramp and be flying through the air! You’ll then land right at the finish and both Sack Boy and Sack Girl will be safe at last.

    I hope you like my level and I really hope I can get a key from you.
    Heres my email again,

    I really hope you like it and that its good enough for a key. I’ve been in almost all the contests that was giving out beta keys and haven’t had any luck. Hopefully this will be it. Thank you

  28. this is an update to my previous comment:

    Hi, my name is Shaan. I really need this beta key. My reasons are great, and as cheesy as it sounds, I’m really depressed without this key. As a Muslim, i pray up to five times a day. For this entire year, i have prayed daily for little big planet and its beta. This game means a lot to me. My cousin received the beta yesterday. He shouted at me when i asked if i could play on his account from my house. It made me feel hollow and empty, as if i was on a roller coaster. This game will unite me and my cousin, even the beta, because its the one thing we both like. The worst part is that he did it just to rub it in my face. My and my three brothers are in a living nightmare right now without this beta. Last night, none of us could get our minds off the beta. Eventually, we were led into and argument with our parents, as to whose fault it was we don’t have one. Teary faced and red, we had horrible sleep. As cheesy as it sounds, the little big planet beta, will bring my family together. Currently, i remain in such a depressed state that when i turn on the computer, i burst into tears at the thought of the beta. One and a half years, is how long, i have waited for this game to come out. I have watched every video i could find, at least twice, and even have dreams about the game, and nightmares about its beta. When my parents told me we were going to have to pre-order little big planet from Eb games, i ended up getting grounded because of the argument. Along with this, for two years, and one eid (a religious Muslim celebration like Christmas) i have received no gifts, because i have saved them all up for add-ons of little big planet, and the game itself. I also visit the media molecule site, and little big planet news site, every day when i return home from school. in fact, when the little big planet news site was giving away beta keys, i was on the site when it crashed. Even more depressing was that later, i was about to post a comment on the site, and decided not to. Two days later, the website was giving away beta keys to every single person who had posted comments on their site. The guilt that i felt at that moment, was overwhelming. This morning even, i entered a contest, and prayed for a full hour, only to realize that i had lost. Please give the beta key, so i can regain my mental health, not be so depressed, and not have to carry the wight of my guilt, until October 22. Even worse, i wont be there when little big planet releases. Meaning that i cant play little big planet until we return from Toronto, so i would really appreciate a chance to play it now. Also, with the stress of school on my shoulders, i need a break. My parents don’t let me play anything over the weekdays, and the weekend is my only time to play. Also, my brother had almost strangled a classmate in kindergarten, and this would be the perfect non violent game for him. Me and my brothers have also already come up with several ideas, and would love to show our creativity to the world. I dream of becoming an architect, and want to big planet to help hone in my designing skills. Lastly, i have spent one hour (52 minutes) on this post, we are leaving to visit someone now, and my parents are prepared to kill me if i don’t get off the computer. Please give me a chance, please give me a beta key, please put a smile on 4 brothers faces. My email is
    Thank you,
    Shaan, age 14, Mohsin, age 12, Momin, age 10, and Mustafa age 8.

  29. Now if it’s ok with you Chad, I would like to respond to a comment. Hopfully it dosen’t affect my chances of winning.


    Now, I understand that what your trying to do here is for a noble cause and shows how much you care for your siblings, but to be perfetly honest, your sounding really sad and spoiled right now. I watched you enter other contests with the exact same sob story, and I don’t know whether to feel sorry for you or question whether or not you even deserve a key. For starters, you will only get 2 days with the beta, after which it will end and you have only a few more weeks to wait for the full game. Even if you’re going to Toronto, you have obviously saved up more than enough for LBP, so why fuss?

    It dosen’t sound very fair that people who have some actual time on their hands must be favored over someone who obviously would have little to no time whatsoever. Also, if you claim to be so in love with this game, then why can’t you be patient? Arguing with and blaming your parents just because you didn’t get a key? I may not be a parent myself, but I would never argue with them over somthing so trivial. And litleraly crying over the fact that you didn’t obtain a key?

    Now, I admit that I myself was annoyed by constantly losing out myself, but your so-called “deprestion” seems more like somthing you should see a shrink about. It’s a game dude, a game that you WILL eventually get to play. Tears and whinning will NOT get you anything but an ill fated heart. You win some and you lose some. You would think that someone with such a high faith in their religion could grasp this concept.

    This post wasn’t made to offend, so if I did so I apologize. However, even though I may be able to relate to you now getting a key, your supposed actions and feelings in your great big sob story make your posts sound more like whinny cries for help rather then an actual reason for you to have the key. Again, my apologies if I offended you and hopefully this post dosen’t ruin my chance at getting a key.

  30. oh, and by the way, I couldn’t edit my post or I would have taken out that I can only play it on weekends, because my parents told me I could play the beta on weekdays, after thinking about it, just this morning. And by the way, I’m not trying to offend you. I just hope that I can still get a key

  31. No hard feelings then Shaan? I didn’t attack your post in order to boost my chances of winning, I did it simply because I disagreed with it. It’s understandable that you really want to get into the beta too, that’s what we are all here for right? But what I can’t stand is un-just reasoning. I mean, famlies argue and things happen.

    Your saying that your whole family is falling apart over one little beta? Sorry, but that’s just somthing everyone has to go through atleast once in their lives and it shouldn’t be somthing you have to exploit just to win a contest.

  32. Why I want LittleBigPlanet so badly, wel because it’s the game that i’ve been waiting for since it’s first appearence. So many cool features so many fun with some friends in a own ownage made level, dude what do you want more :D, it’s the best idea for a game ever. Offcourse I will buy the game :D, but how cool would it be to play LittleBigPlanet Beta, because of it’s differences with the real version wich is gonna be released end this month. When you played the Beta en you sundely own da real end product you will see some diffrences, maybe minor maybe big, but hell yeah I wanna know.

    What I gonna do if I would get that key?? Wel I can only say one little big thing. LittleBigPlanet!

    Gonna play the beta until I got my hands on the real end product offcourse 😀

    Well cheers!
    And good luck to the one who is getting the key!!!

    Matthew from the Netherlands
    I’m dutch isn’t that weird?

  33. my families not falling apart, that’s just wierd. What I mean by that is that everyone in my family is getting annoyed because of this beta and that it’s just adding to everyone stress and leading to arguements and other problems.

  34. if i could just get a beta code… everything would be so much easier… now im even arguing on the internet for it

  35. hey….
    I had the genius idea to build an awesome shoot em’ up game…
    so gimme the code…


  36. Hello, to start this game is freakin amazing looking, I preordered it as soon as I could. I’m gonna be playing the missions but I already have so many AWSOME ideas for levels I wanna create. I really want to post a few of my ideas just to give you taste but then someone might steal them lol. okkkkk just one example and not the best. A heaven and hell level I think could be very cool just off the top of my head. Or another example is a level where you play with the kratos model and fight the different gods or titans, could even create mount olympus. anywas theres a couple ideas floating in my head. So do I deserve the beta key? maybe not but I can tell you I won’t dissapoint with my created levels so please give me that chance. thx

  37. How could you not want to play a game that is shutting down websites, crashings servs etc. This game can go one of #2 ways. will be the best game anyone has ever played and will change the way we look at video games, or it will be a hyped up mess that everyone when nuts over and that is why they are not doing a normal demo release? I have already pre-order the game so i am in my eyes it is going to be the best. I am a platform junkie, and we do not get enough game coming are way. Sure the Ratchet games are the best, but where is my Maximo and My Sly Cooper 4… All these games got put on the back burner for FPS etc… So I am sooo happy that a game like LBP has come to give all us platforms something to brag about….. As for the beta key, If you do not give me it, then i am going to take over this Little Big World….. -You have been warned- Keep up good work with your site. See you all around – IrishFamily

  38. hi i hope u get time to read my comment, i want it bad very very bad i check all the little big planet blogs every day i cant w8 much longer, it looks sooooooo good i have convinced some of my mates to get a ps3 mainly because of little big planet. i have searched for a key for ages and wanted lbp for way longer. i have been making lbp back rounds and wallpaper for my computer on photoshop. i think i would make some great levels not sure what to do yet but i will be playing it non stop for sure.

    jasper howard

    p.s. great idea getting people to grovel you lol i think i would do the same.

  39. please please let me have the beta code me and my little sister have been wanting this game for a year now please im begging you i will do anything for you if you could just give me a code i trade almost anything

  40. ill make this short. I would love to play the beta demo. But if i do not get the key i will patiently wate. Im in no rear rush the game will be out soon so ill just buy it if i dont get the beta.but i and my sister would love to play the demo. email-

  41. Ah, bummer I have a feeling I’m writing this too late, since the last reply was on October 9th. Anyway, I’ve been wanting this game for a long time (It’s pretty much the only reason I bought a PS3 last year–which broke and was just recently fixed). This demo would mean the world to me–it’s been a rough week. The only real way I could repay you is by paying it forward, Thanks.

  42. My brother got this game as a xmas gift and I my wife and I would love to play online. She would get such a kick out of this!

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