Omneity has Returned as GameCrunch Live!

Message from the Creator –

Almost nine years ago, as a young teenager, I had a vision. I wanted gaming to be commonplace, and I wanted it to be in your face. “It should be as important as the nightly news” I said. In those moments I created omneity in fact, which garnered huge numbers and had a great, cult fanbase. The website provided everything you needed from the gaming industry, and more – but with a personal, non-corporate touch. Everything felt like you were just hanging out with us – our staff was great, ready and willing to move forward. Until hard times struck.

Being young, going to college, and dealing with teenage life, I couldn’t hang on to Omneity anymore. E-mails of support poured in, people offered to take it over, and technology boomed – yet I fell back into the abyss. I’d lost all hope, and I’d given up on my dream.

Now I’m a 26 year old Systems Engineer, with enough funds to do what I want and start funding dreams of myself and others. I’m gathering some of the old Omneity crew back (including one of the creators of the Havok engine) and preparing to a live webi-cast of Speedrunners, Designers, Developers, and just fun people for comedy. Omneity is taking a new approach – we are your number 1 news team, and we are called GameCrunch Live!

Along with partnerships, sponsorships and merchandise we will also be providing a lot of services for the good of the people. We don’t discriminate against ANYONE: we are gamers, united! In this age of streaming, with the creation of JTV and twitch, we now have the ability to bring it to you live. This is GameCrunch, and we hope you enjoy your stay!


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